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(free) 02:29


released March 1, 2017

Recorded with two mics at The Room Studio in Paiporta (VLC) and our practice room in 2016.
Recorded, produced and mixed by Mike Grau.
Mastered at Stardust Alboraia (VLC) by Sergio Devece.
Cover art by Demon.
Band photography by Eduardo Blasco.
All songs by Grau / Munárriz.

Mad Robot are:
Su: Vocals and tambourine.
Mike Grau: Guitar and vocals.
Borja Boscà: Bass
Roberto Timón: Drums
Additional backing vocals by Carolina Otero.

© 2017 Endoftheworld Records.
© 2017 Borx Records.



all rights reserved


Mad Robot Paiporta, Spain

One girl, three stupid guys an tons of songs.

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Track Name: Ready For Death
Sometimes you feel like nothing made sense at all
it´s kinda boring
sometimes I wonder why I keep making songs
this is my answer

We create, you do nothing but write about shit
these things inspire me when I look at you
poor broadcaster without listeners
a miserable doing journalism
this is the best that you can find in this world

I´m ready for death
to never return
now I rest in peace
please bury me well
speak well about me
say that I was great
make a tribute to me
with Valencian bands
I will feed the worms
but my skull will smile
seeing your asshole face
from the other side
come and piss on my grave
because I don´t care
Always laugh at you
you know it too well.
Track Name: Say My Name
8 am and i´m trying to
to write the lyrics for this song
we used to hum that song together
but i cannot find the words

it´s so frustrating
i´m not Maronda
a fucking poet
cock sucking himself
so i decided
to think of you

If you need someone near you
say my name
if the cold winter hits you
say my name
if you need daily support
say my name
can you feel my heart beating?
then say my name

Yes, i know that this is the usual
write great stuff, is not mine
i will leave that to the enlightened
the tastemakers can do that
Track Name: Hit Song
Hi, it´s me, I´m here again
with my sharp tongue ready and making noise
not kidding, I swear to you
I´m enjoying what I´m about to write
I´m sick of this bullshit
the music scene is lame and you´re a jerk
I could keep my mouth shut
but someone must tell the truth

I´m gonna make / a record that
you’ll really like / my dear ex-friend
a triangle on / the cover art
we´ll have t´shirts / with a shitty thing
designed by /a phoney guy
yeah we´re so cool / and have a mustache
soon we´ll be on / the cover of / your Rockdelux

It will be fun / you ´ll discover us
I will be a friend / of Guerrero´s page
we´ll edit about / 50 cassette copies
on a shitty label / of the USA
we will play / at 5 pm
in all festivals/ we´ll do it for free
we´ll look like rock stars / with a few pics / on your Rockdelux

The same faces but from different towns
The new rockstar is a cokey jerk
The same song repeated again and again
Their new hit song is a piece of crap
Track Name: Unloved
Why do we have to be like before?
this is the human sign
Why never remember our mistakes?
this is the human sign
Why your dreams always end up buried?
this is the human sign
Why is the eternal struggle brag about you got?

...and i say this
some people are so poor
all they have is money
they´re empty and unloved.

Why do they still fail to realize?
this is the human sign
why can´t we share what we have?
this is the human sign
why not try to respect the others?
this is the human sign
why not stop being a fucking parasite?
this is the human sign
Track Name: I Declare War
Go away, far from me
a disease will be unleashed
evil son hated by all
I´m not your brother
and I´ll never be

I´m training
to be worse
really hard
just think of you

without love
a bunch of
my poisoned songs

Pathetic characters
ego therapy
infamous and useless
the will for notoriety

Baseless illusions
lost in the night
mental choking
general apathy

False friendships and too much dope
depressing people in need of self-esteem
those boring nights, you drank it all
you walked away without proving yourself
Track Name: Kill The Mainstream
Junk press
Shitty bands
Kill the mainstream

Junk bands
Shitty press
Kill the mainstream

Bands trapped by an irresistible force
they try to imitate what already works
they change their style looking for success
and then become another indie “poop” band

Piles of trash that you´ll never hear anymore
something nice but totally worthless within
awful guys in pathetic promotional roles
they burned their ukes and sold themselves to fashion
Track Name: Big Cosmic Joke
Time stood still forever when I saw her
if I could find the words to say
I would say…
I don´t have an explanation, what a mess…

What the fuck am I supposed to do?
I believed that everything was fine
but suddenly the summer knocks at my door
life surprises me again

She´s like a ray of light
I´m trying to focus my mind on something else
She´s like wind over the sea
a magical force that pushes me to the unknown
She´s like a star in the sky
I´m blinded and dazed, I feel like a fuckingbut child
An inspiration to all…

What the fuck am I supposed to do now?
I believed that everything was fine
but suddenly the summer knocks at my door
life surprises me again

Time stood still forever when I saw her
if I could find the words to say…
Please climb aboard, I´m going nowhere but you
let´s get away right now to the galaxy called love
Track Name: A New Tomorrow
I hear the sound of misery
the song of the losers
a sound for those who have lost their jobs
a scream for rebellion
this is the fall of the dreams that we built
the song of rejection
a few words to tell the silent cry
for a new tomorrow.

A world of possibilities
and always choosing the wrong path
together we can raise this world
i know it´s hard so let´s start.

I hear the song of tragedy
the voice of the children
a dark age without a clear path
alienated citizens
this is the song of the right to work
claiming for future
this is my song but now it´s yours
for a new tomorrow
Track Name: Go Extinct!
You inspire me
without realizing
my inner serial killer
without a doubt
life is unfair
human beings must slowly die
human goodness
does not exist
we must be realistic and go extinct
take my hand, the countdown starts

C´mon, let´s mess around
leave this world without a sound
Track Name: A Distant Star
Take my hand
You can share my journey
you can leave the suitcase
watch the waves
Putrid coming at you
but don´t be afraid
we can turn them into dreams.

Follow me
through a hole in the sky
hit your fears
leave the past behind
you will find
the brightness of a distant star.

Now you see
Crabman awaits us at the door
pay him back
with your last crumpled bills
unlock the gate
once again our lips met
i see in your eyes
the brightness of a distant star.
Track Name: Human Error
Save me from reality, I´m scared
nothing seems to work, justice is dead
Death created time to grow the things
that it would kill

Dance with me again
human error, die and be born again
loudly against an unequal world

Excuse me, but we must destroy this world
Everything must fall to rise again
Men created lies to hide their darker side
…their darker side.
Track Name: Problematic
Here are my feet
on the ground
the village hails
the city boy
decked out
with his best face
the redneck smiles
the end starts

Our culture dies, virgins and saints,
bullfight begins

They will not let you sleep
even one hour they´re raping the hits
Every night here I am, and the dogs are barking.
Track Name: Witch Spell
Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh
My heart is dead

Now it´s time to proceed
to tell the story that no-one wants to hear
straight out of Hell, is from where she came
she consumed my life until the end

I´m sitting in the graveyard
watching death go by
she stopped and whispered my name
surprised, I felt at home
I´m sitting in the graveyard
willing to fall to hell
she kissed my lips sweetly
she froze my heart and…
Track Name: The White Lady
Have you been there?
do you feel the same?
strange noises
come around my head
maybe shall i be blind or crazy
i found someone else
who loves the nonsense

It doesn´t matter
who you are or when
silent kisses
rolling down the hill
the white lady is speaking to me
she leads me
to the next black door

From the distance i can see
a lifeless forest
just you and me.

Embraced, she whispers
the delicious melody of my death
her voice surrounds me
taking her hands move away from the house
light does not bother me more
i have their hands covering my eyes
at least i can say goodbye
where life is just a strange memory.